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Dear everyone please read this while listen to Taylor Swift - Happiness. Alright let me write what I think today. It was 4 am when I first time listen to the lyrics of this beautiful melody. MashaAllah its so beautiful; especially let me just tell you what I think is going on when I listen to this lyrics. I think that two beautiful souls that were so deep together, full of love; having a rough path such as perhaps fighting.

And thats why when the lyrics like said about "across the divide" means that even after break up and split up with your loved ones, there will still be happiness, however because of you (the one you love) there is happiness.

It stated that, "after I give the best I had, what you want from me after that? All you want from me now is a green light of forgiveness. You haven't met the new me yet. And I think she'll give you that"

Can you feel this? Such a beautiful lyrics. What I learnt is...
No matter how rough the path may be, learn that we are all created with different background and different upbringing especially if you truly love somebody and you intend to marry her/him (hence its a good intention ) ! As long there is no abusive behaviour (or red flags like true cheating and so on) open your heart to forgiveness just like what this lyrics tell us.

After forgiveness, there is happiness.
After forgiveness there is always be happiness.
Learn how to forgive. Let the love wins. Embrace each other oppositeness, embrace each other weakness and compliment each other.

The lyrics said that "No one teaches you what to do when a good man hurts you and you know you hurt him too".

Both are human beings. We hurt each other but...

Leave it all behind. Leave all the hurt behind. And there is happiness.

"There is happiness because of you. I'll forgive you, I forgive I" <3